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The Obama Administration Africa Doctrine

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In this concise book, The Obama Administration: Africa Doctrine, attorney, entrepreneur and columnist Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt uses her experience covering the White House, Congress and utility policy for several online political websites, and her background as an editor, author and journalist, to deliver a crisp synopsis of the guiding principles the Obama Administration has established and created for dealing with the massive continent of one billion inhabitants.

In this abridged guide readers can expect to:

 Know what the priorities and goals are for the United States as they relate to dealing with sub Saharan African nations;

 Benefit from a succinct summation of the policy that the Obama Administration has adopted that will become its doctrine in history;

 Learn of the various governmental, quasi-and semi-governmental and private organizations, companies and initiatives that have existing and recently funded to drive the various aspects of the doctrine;

 Know how much money is being allocated and/or doled out to establish or continue funding of different elements of the doctrine, from existing institutions and new ones recently formed; and

 Have access to a complete guide, website, phone number, contact and other information to all the related organizations, agencies and private companies that are partners in the build-out and development of The Africa Doctrine.

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The Obama Administration Africa Doctrine

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